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runescape 1

Hacking runescape no joke.

while you are running runescape on ur character click on run then type regedit.
it should go into some file then click ctrl and f type jagex stats it should
come up with some more files. dont click anything just press f3 untill it
shows this code 02434476 4438. now change the first 4 digets to s,s,s,s.
then hit enter,now it should come up with all your stats you have on runescape.
if you want to change them so they go higher double click on them.
(recomend you dont put them higher than 95 or your player might get detected)
cilck exit on the window and log on to runescape and your players stats will
be changed to what you changed them to. i surgest you dont tell everyone or
you wont be the best player because everyone will be the same.


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